Grinding Equipments

Continuous Ball Mill

Continuous type Ball Mill the material is being fed from the one end through its hollow shaft, while the crushed material comes out from the hollow shaft, at the other end. Usually continuous Mills are used when the production rate is required to be high.

Continuous Ball Mill is useful for grinding coarse feed to get fine powder in single continuous operation. It is grinding Ceramics, Cement, Pencil, Paint, Ink, Marble, Coal, Minerals etc.

Features and Benefits
  • The cost of installation is low
  • The cost of power required is low
  • It is suitable for materials of all degree of hardness
  • The grinding medium is cheap

Batch Ball Mill

Batch type Ball Mil is widely used in beneficiation, building material and chemical industries. It is suitable for dry-type grinding and wet-type grinding.

It is widely applied to the production of cements, silicate products, building materials, fireproof materials, fertilizers, glass, ceramics as well as nonferrous and ferrous metal processing industries.

Features and Benefits
  • Wet and dry intermittently to mill, mix, discharge material
  • Used for ceramic raw material grinding, quartz, clay, etc.
  • Large processing volume


Pulverizers are specially designed to deal efficiently and economically with wide range of materials and can be easily adjusted to give the fineness required from a coarse granulation to finely ground powder.

Pulverizer Grinding is gradually done from the center of the periphery of the Rotor, allowing heavy pieces of material to be reduced by stages to the fineness power.
Features and Benefits
  • Low maintenance
  • Labor savings
  • Low consumption of power
  • Affordable price
  • Compact