Feeding Equipments

Rotary Table Feeder

Rotary Table Feeder will consist of a power driven circulated plate rotating directly below a hopper / bunker. A feed collar located immediately above rotating table used in conjunction with an adjustable plough, determines the volume of material discharged.

The lower edge of the feed collar will be parallel to the table with a predetermined gap from table top. This arrangement permits equal quality of material to flow under the collar and spread over the table as it resolves. The material is then ploughed off into the discharge chute.

Rotary table feeders are most useful for handling materials that are sluggish, tend to interlock or mat and thereby arch over restricted openings

Features and Benefits
  • High efficiency of Handling Material
  • Less cost

Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating Feeders provide the most efficient and economical method of conveying bulk materials and, what is more important the simplest and easiest means of controlling the rate of flow or feed.

Vibrating Feeders are extensively used in Iron and Steel works, Collieries Quarries, Gas Works, Mines Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramics, Rubber, Clay and Glass Industries for handling all types of materials-big lumps of ore down to fine chemicals-hot or cold-dry or damp-Capacities from 50 grams to 2000 Tons per hour.

Vibrating Feeders protect the belt conveyors from damage by feeding the material onto the belt conveyor from storage hoppers, silos, surge hoppers and dumpers at a controlled rate.

Features and Benefits
  • stable and long span life
  • reliable operation
  • easy maintenance